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Workshop series Ethics

In this workshop series, the questioning of prejudices has a central role. What background knowledge do you have to base an opinion on someone? How is this opinion formed? What effect does your assumption have on how we interpret images from the news, social media and art?

About the workshop series

In three workshops, students will get an insight into all aspects of visual culture and how this affects our opinions. The role of the photographer, the museum visitor and the curator is being questioned, but also the assumptions about youth and their place in society. By discussing, researching and photographing, students discover how they also have an influence on our visual culture.

Workshop overview

Workshop 1: Orientation on the theme, making portraits on the basis of stereotypes within different professions and jobs.

Workshop 2: Tour in Foam with the emphasis on genres within photography and viewing the exhibition by putting yourself in someone else’s place. Students research the ethical role of news photography and edit and select images for a story.

Workshop 3: Students question the role of the museum and how different visitors with various backgrounds interpret the work that is on show. Photography assignment diptych about youth culture (in and around Foam).

Learning goals

  • The student researches the position of photographers and how prejudices and their background are a part of their work
  • The participant translates stereotypes about professions in photography (portrait)
  • The participant uses image editing and creates and writes a storyline, by making use of professional documentary photography
  • The participant questions assumptions that exist about youngsters and translates this idea into photography.

This series is developed in collaboration with ROC van Amsterdam and ROC TOP.

The development of this series is made possible by Fonds 21 and Lerak Foundation.

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