Teachers play with cameras during the teacher workshop
for teachers

Mediawijs: Photography in your lessons

You experience the didactical possibilities photography offers in discipline during the teacher's workshop.

About the workshop

As a participant, you get a unique look behind the scenes of the education department of Foam and become acquainted with the educational materials and teaching methods the museum offers. Moreover, get inspiration by discovering how to use photography in your own lessons.

The workshop starts with an introduction about Foam, the education programs and the didactics the Education department uses. After this, you will experience Foam’s teaching methods in practice by looking at and discussing several works in the museum with the group. The museum teacher let you alternate between the role of student and teacher. Next, you will get an assignment with which you can incorporate photography into your own teaching practice. In the end, you share your ideas, newly gained knowledge and experiences with the rest of the group and thus come to new insights and inspiration for your lessons.

This workshop is highly suited for (new) teachers from all education fields. The workshops can be booked as a part of a training or refreshment course. Please let us now out of which field you are coming form: the department of education likes to work on tailor-made programs and would like to think along about the specific content of your program.

Questions or special needs?

Contact the Education department via 020-5516505 or the link below.

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