The organisation

The offices of Foam are located directly above the museum. From here, in the heart of Amsterdam, we organise all our activities.

Chairman - Jeroen van IngenVice President - Frédérique Demenint-van der Ven Member - Juha van 't ZelfdeMember - Zineb Seghrouchni

Managing Director - Nynke de Haan
Artistic Director - Jane'a Johnson

Curator - Claartje van Dijk (head)Curator - Hinde HaestCurator - Mirjam KooimanExhibition Coordinator - Bram PrinsCollection Employee - Karolina MilkowskaContact:

Editor in chief - Elisa Medde
Editor - Katy Hundertmark
Editor - Henri Badaröh

PR / COMMUNICATIE / MARKETING / SALESMarketing & Communications - Irene BakkerDigital Marketeer - Laurel HarpleOnline Content Production - Daniël HeijlData Management - Hans TerpstraContact: /

Coordinator Foam Editions - Lotte Klösters Contact:

Bookshop/Magazine - Caroline Brakel Contact:

Elze van der Steen (head)Participation and Inclusivity – Garance CampingEducation and Public - Madieke HupperetsEducation Planner - Amy BrigithaContact:

DEVELOPMENTDevelopment & Partnerships - Stefanie Hofman (hoofd)Events & Partnerships - Matthijs van der LaanDevelopment & Fundraising - Andjela GušićContact:

Facility Rental & EventsContact:


PUBLIC PRACTICECurator Public Practice - Amelie Schüle (head)Assistent Curator Public Practice - Valeria PosadaCoordinator Public Practice - Nordin JanssenContact:

TALENTCurator of Talent - Mirelva

FINANCE & OPERATIONSHalil Pakel (head)Facilities Manager - Ingmar BruinFinancial Administration - Meywand Ahrari Contact: finance@foam.orgOffice Management - Eva Schravesande & Philippa EdwardsContact: info@foam.orgFoam Café - Anas RabaaContact:

Foam objectives (as described in our statutes)

To contribute to the development of photography by presenting, collecting, and stimulating education and research in both a national and international context.

Remuneration policy

Members of the board do not receive payments or reimbursements. The salary of the management is determined annually by the board. For staff, individual employment contracts are drawn up in accordance with industry standards.

Abridged versions of past annual activity and policy plans

See attachment: Foam activities 2019 (in Dutch)

Balance sheet of 2019: the current state of income and expenses

See the report of 2019 attached below:
Annual financial report Stichting Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam 2019 (in Dutch)

All accounts have been audited by Baker Tilly Berk.

Foam is supported by the VriendenLoterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, City of Amsterdam, Foam Members and the VandenEnde Foundation.

In 2021 Foam receives additional support from Kickstart Cultuurfonds and the Mondriaan Fund.