Sponsor opportunities

Dynamic, authentic and entrepreneurial are characteristics that have defined Foam ever since it was established in 2001. This is not only evident in the content of our many activities, but also in the manner in which Foam monitors its financial independence.

Foam's enterprising spirit has ensured that we rely for only 15% of our budget on the contribution coming from the municipality of Amsterdam. 30% of our income is generated through ticket sales and the remaining 55% comes from structural and project-based funding through sponsorships, from (private) foundations and the Foam Support structure. Structural collaboration with the private sector is part of our organisation's DNA.

Foam aims to be a flexible and versatile partner to companies that wish to associate with talent development, contemporary photography of the highest international level, entrepreneurship and innovation. We kindly welcome businesses to commit to our organisation as sponsors. As a sponsor, you will help Foam to realise our ambition to be an outstanding talent scout discovering the new generation of photographers and set an international example in the world of photography. Our audiences vary from museum visitors (200.000 yearly with an average age of 31 years), Foam Magazine readers (distributed to 24 countries worldwide) and art lovers and collectors (through the Foam Editions Gallery and the many courses we organize).

Being a Foam Partner can match up with your company objectives in many different ways: from a fixed partnership spanning several years to sponsoring a specific event. This could be an exhibition in the Netherlands or abroad, an educational project, one of our talent programs for young photographers, in Foam Magazine or at a special event.

Sponsorship is custom-made, so we are happy to deploy our creativity when formulating a fitting proposal with tailor-made benefits. Opportunities can be found in:

  • Marketing: Reaching a specific target audience through association with the Foam brand. Visibility through social media promotions, outdoor campaigns, press conferences or product presentations;
  • Brand management: Aligning yourself with one of the hottest brands within the creative industry;
  • Relationship management: Connecting important clients and relations through special events in the museum or at one of our international locations;
  • HR: Team building photography workshops for (future) employees;
  • CSR: Adopting an educational project;
  • Company collection: Advice on the purchase of photography for offices, or building an art collection.

Foam kindly invites companies to make their interest known. Please contact:

Stefanie Hofman
+31 (0)20 551 6500