Foam Magazine #51

Foam Magazine #51: Seer/ Believer: The Mythical Issue

Press release | 28 August 2018

Today Foam Magazine launches its brand new issue: Seer/Believer. The 51st issue is themed around 'the mythical’, a subject that has played an important role in visual arts throughout history. The seer is a visionary, creating ways of understanding or framing things that at first appear otherworldly, impossible or irrational. Their interpretations enter our systems of belief and understanding. Who is the author: the seer who creates the stories or the believer who adopts and acts upon them? The photographer has the ability to transform and create connections through envisioning stories from ancient times to contemporary life. Through a process of endless repetition and re-interpretation it becomes a timeless given: a myth existing at the junction where fact and fiction collide. And at the end, we believe what we see, or do we?

Filip Berendt, Joseph Beuys, He Bo, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Tacita Dean, Martin Gusinde, Andy Kassier, Nicola Lo Calzo, Osborne Macharia, Orpheus Standing Alone, Christiane Peschek, Igor Samolet, Scarfolk, Jeff Wall, Patrick Willocq and Tereza Zelenkova.

Mariama Attah, Taco Hidde Bakker, David Bate, Marine Cabos, David Campany, Iliana Cepero, Jörg Colberg, Caroline von Courten, Dominik Czechowski, Tacita Dean, Mark Alice Durant, Marcel Feil, Joan Fontcuberta, Louis Kaplan, Kim Knoppers, Mirjam Kooiman, Magali Nachtergael, Sharon Sliwinski, Katrina Sluis, Clare Strand, Drew Thompson, Daria Tuminas, Ytasha L.Womack.

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Foam Magazine #51
Foam Magazine #51
Foam Magazine #51
Foam Magazine #51
Foam Magazine #51
Foam Magazine #51
Foam Magazine #51

Foam Magazine #51 Seer/ Believer: The Mythical Issue
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