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Loading… Works from the Foam Collection
14 September - 18 November 2018

Press release | July 2018

Portrait with a Yellow Window, 2011 © Daniel Gordon / Courtesy of Wallspace New York (detail)

In 2014, Foam presented to the public work from its own collection for the first time, in the exhibition Reflected - Works from the Foam Collection. Since then, the collection has grown from over 400 to around 550 works of art. The collection – which is focused solely on contemporary photography – is still constantly developing. Loading… Works from the Foam Collection shows a selection of the most recent additions from the last five years. It features work from 30 international photographers in a diverse exhibition that reflects Foam’s exhibition programme. 

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Paul Mpagi Sepuya – Double Enclosure 
14 September - 18 November 2018 

Press release | 31 July 2018

Mirror Study (_Q5A2059), 2016 © Paul Mpagi Sepuya (detail)

Foam presents the first solo exhibition by Paul Mpagi Sepuya (born 1982, USA) in Europe. In his exhibition Double Enclosure, Sepuya enters into a dialogue with himself as artist, his subjects and the spectator. He comments on the medium of photography as a construction of longing: the longing to record things, to look, to touch and to keep.

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Foam 3h: Senta Simond – Rayon Vert
7 September – 28 October 2018

Press Release | July 2018

Laurence, 2016 © Senta Simond / courtesy Webber Gallery, London (detail)

Senta Simond's work focuses on an intimate approach to the female body and portraiture. Her photographs feature a circle of acquaintances and respond to existing, and too often clichéd, representation of femininity. Simond doesn’t take her photographs on a built set but against a white background, often a white wall in the domestic surroundings of the model herself. The equipment is simple. The level of trust between the model and the photographer is high. This minimal method allows Simond to get close to her subjects. 

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Masahisa Fukase - Private Scenes
7 September – 12 December 2018

Press release | July 2018

Sasuke 1983, from the series A Game © Masahisa Fukase Archives (detail)

The lifework of Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase (Hokkaido, 1934–2012) remained largely inaccessible for over two decades, following a tragic fall that left the artist with permanent brain damage. After his death the archives were gradually disclosed, revealing a wealth of material that had never been shown before. Foam presents a large-scale retrospective with original prints from the Masahisa Fukase Archives in Tokyo. In addition to his seminal body of work Ravens, the exhibition contains a number of important photo series, publications and documentation dating from the early 1960s to 1992.

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Foam 3h: Stelios Kallinikou 
Studies in Geology
29 June - 2 September 2018

Press Release | 19 June 2018

Water Composition 1, 2017 © Stelios Kallinikou (detail)

Foam is proud to present the exhibition Foam 3h: Stelios Kallinikou - Studies in Geology. A sense of continual exploration of national identity typifies the body of work of Cypriot photographer Stelios Kallinikou (1985), who creates magical and beautiful images that are deeply rooted in the Cypriot landscape. The landscape, as a result of our collective action, becomes a vehicle for his thoughts on place, history, time and space – all fundamental issues related to human nature.

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Structures of Identity – Photography from the Walther Collection
29 June – 29 August 2018

Press Release | May 2018

Corpsstudent (Fraternity Student), 1925 © August Sander / Courtesy of The Walther Collecten / Die Photographische Sammlung / SK Stiftung Kultur - August Sander Archiv, Cologne (detail)

In the exhibition Structures of Identity - Photography from The Walther Collection Foam presents a selection of photographic works from the famous collection of German-American collector Artur Walther (b. 1948). Structures of Identity examines how photographers have used portraiture to affirm or challenge social stereotypes constructed around notions of race, gender, class, and nationality.

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recommended: Olympus Fellowship
Thomas Albdorf – Room With a View
15 Juni – 9 September 2018 

Press release | May 2018

“Brought Games To The Beach’(Water, Wall, Sea, Sky, Wave)”, 2018 © Thomas Albdorf (detail)

Foam presents the first solo museum exhibition of Thomas Albdorf (1982, Austria). The artist created a new body of work especially for this exhibition, which is displayed for the very first time in Foam. The works present a surreal account of what looks like a most peculiar Mediterranean holiday. We recognise volcanic landscapes that could have been snapped during a hike, marble sculptures and pottery typically found at the museum or in the souvenir shop, and a pizza dinner that could have been posted on Instagram. Whether the artist ever left his studio to document this place remains unresolved: his initial footage was sourced from google maps, google image search, social media and commercial image banks. The work is shown alongside other recent series General View (2017) and I Know I Will See What I Have Seen Before (2015), that are loosely inspired by a trip to Yosemite National Park and his native Austria, respectively.

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Samuel Gratacap – Les Invisibles 
15 June – 9 September 2018

Press release | May 2018

Detention center for migrants of Zawiya, Libya, 2014 © Samuel Gratacap / Galerie Filles du Calvaire (detail)

The photographer Samuel Gratacap has been collecting the stories of the migrants he meets in Tunisia, Libya, Italy and other countries since 2007. Based on the testimonies of the people he encounters, he retraces their paths through Europe and Africa. His work examines the places that mark migration routes: the border crossing points, the waiting rooms for day labourers, prisons – but also the pathways to a new identity. Gratacap goes beyond the scope of most news media, encountering deplorable situations that reveal the economy around migration, from human smuggling to slavery. His photography occupies the middle ground between art and photojournalism to reveal the on-going humanitarian tragedy of a system that maintains itself through a vicious circle.

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Foam Magazine launches 50th issue 
International photography magazine now available digitally worldwide

Press release | 3 May 2018

Boomoon, Untitled #3886, 2016 © Boomoon, Courtesy of Flowers Gallery London and New York (detail)

Foam is launching the 50th issue of Foam Magazine and will commemorate this important milestone with the release of a digital edition of the latest issue and archive. Furthermore, a limited edition box set of the 50th issue and authorised print (edition of 50) by Nadav Kander will go on sale. The periodical first appeared in 2002, in conjunction with the establishment of Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, serving as an extension of the museum and offering an international platform for all kinds of photography, from historic to contemporary, and from documentary to fashion.

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