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News: managing director Nynke de Haan will leave Foam as of 1 September

17 August 2022

Nynke de Haan has announced that she will resign as Managing Director after working at Foam for four years. “In the past 20 years I have worked on the business side in the art and culture sector. This has proven to be enlightening and a great pleasure to me. However I am ready for a new challenge, preferably in a new sector.” - Nynke de Haan.

As of 1 September, Karin van Gilst will start as General Director ad interim at Foam.

We will soon start the search for a permanent successor. Please contact for questions.

Foam Magazine #62 M/OTHERLANDS

Press Release | September 2022

The Cover image (detail): Untitled / After Courbet (L’origine du monde), 2004. Colour photograph, 46x55cm. Photograph: David Rych © Tanja Ostojić/David Rych.

Are we able to navigate the complex intersection between identity politics and national movements in today’s Europe? Are the images we are creating, producing and disseminating able to actually say something about us and our sense of belonging? We proudly present the new issue of Foam Magazine: m/otherlands, created to explore the ways in which identity intersects and conflicts with nationalism and the idea of nation-state. In this issue the idea of nation and m/otherland is questioned and challenged, looking for re-imagined frameworks and ways to define and represent what We is, and who We want to be.

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Foam Talent 2022
16 September - 18 January 2023

Press Release | August 2022

The Feast, Inside, from the series Paintings, Dreams and Love © Yushi Li and Steph Wilson, courtesy of the artists.

This fall Foam proudly presents the work of a new generation of artists in the group exhibition Foam Talent 2022. The 20 participating artists look closely at both the world around us, and the one within - without shying away from discomfort or pain. Climate change, political conflict, discrimination, displacement, and social justice issues: the works address the pressing problems of our times and remind us that photography has the potential to capture the unspeakable. We are proud to present a selection that offers as much food for thought as beauty and innovation of the medium. 

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Foam 3h: Giath Taha
Becoming a Ghost
15 July - 30 October 2022

Press Release | June 2022

Becoming a ghost. Meeting moment © Giath Taha.

Foam presents Becoming a Ghost, the first museum solo show by Syrian born artist Giath Taha (1982). Becoming a Ghost is a video installation that captures the artist's emotional reunion with his brother in the online video game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), while they haven't been able to see each other in real life for ten years.

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Mous Lamrabat - Blessings from Mousganistan
27 May - 16 October 2022

Press Release | May 2022

Mashallah with extra cheese, 2021 © Mous Lamrabat / Loft Art Gallery.

Foam proudly presents Blessings from Mousganistan, an exhibition by self-taught photographer Mous Lamrabat. Beauty and a sense of hope are central to Lamrabat’s work. His photographs are playful and surrealistic, every so often subtly provocative, but always vibrant and fun.

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