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Vivian Maier - Works in Color
1 June - 13 September 2020

Press release | January 2020

Chicago, 1978 © Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy Maloof Collection and Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York.

Following the successful exhibition at Foam in 2014 of Vivian Maier - Street Photographer, this coming spring Foam presents the exhibition Vivian Maier - Works in Color. Vivian Maier (New York, 1926-2009) worked as a children’s nanny but took photographs all her life, without anyone in her vicinity ever seeing the results. Her work was only discovered after her death when a box containing negatives was offered to a local auctioneering house and immediately went on to become a worldwide sensation. Maier’s astonishing oeuvre is easily on a par with famous contemporaries.

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On Earth - Imaging, Technology and the Natural World 
20 March - 2 September 2020

Press release | January 2020

Kenzie inside a Melting Glacier, Juneau Icefield Research Program, Alaska, 2016 © Lucas Foglia courtesy of the artist

Technological developments and the rapidly changing climate have altered our relationship to nature. Photography offers a means of observing the world and our effect upon it. But can it also act as a catalyst in adopting new ways of relating to what surrounds us? Following in the footsteps of the iconic landscape photographers of the nineteenth century, a new generation of artists is using contemporary visual technologies to record and to question our relationship to the world. They do so using the same modern technologies that increasingly pervade how we relate to the world: often electronically, and mediated by our digital screens.

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Foam 3h: Mali Arun - Paradisus
3 July - 13 September 2020

Press release | May 2020

Paradisus, 2016 © Mali Arun. Photo: Thomas Ozoux

In front of the camera a breathtaking landscape in black and white unfolds, teeming with lush vegetation and overwhelming waterfalls. In search of a kind of 'primal image' of earthly Paradise, photographer and filmmaker Mali Arun (1987, France) travelled to the seemingly untouched Krka nature reserve in Croatia. What she found there turned out to be far from paradise. We see tourists 'consume' the landscape en masse as if it were an amusement park. As the film progresses, it takes on a steadily more oppressive undertone.

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Remsen Wolff - Amsterdam Girls
11 September - 6 December 2020

Press release | June 2020

Joris, Amsterdam 24 April 1991 © The Remsen Wolff Collection, courtesy of Jochem Brouwer 2020

The exhibition Remsen Wolff - Amsterdam Girls presents more than 50 vintage portraits and contact prints from the analogue archive of the American photographer Remsen Wolff (1940-1998). From 1990 to 1992, Wolff spent one month each year at the American Hotel in Amsterdam to work on the project Special Girls - A Celebration. For this project, Wolff made a series of portraits of transgenders in New York and in Amsterdam, the city known at the time as ‘the gay capital of Europe’. These unique portraits range from the exuberant and glamorous to the subdued and vulnerable. Together, the photographs show the huge variety in gender fluidity in the 1990s, beyond the exhibited publicly in notorious nightclubs such as Club RoXY and It.

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Alec Soth - I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating
11 September - 6 December 2020

Press release | February 2020

Reneta, Bucharest, Romania, 2018, Courtesy Eidos Foundation © Alec Soth / Magnum Photos

Magnum photographer Alec Soth (1969) has become known as the chronicler of life at the American margins of the United States. He made a name as a photographer with his 2004 series Sleeping by the Mississippi, encountering unusual and often overlooked places and people as he travelled along the river banks. A major retrospective in 2015 was followed by a period of seclusion and introspection, during which Soth did not travel and barely photographed. His most recent project, I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating, is the result of this personal search, and marks a departure from Soth’s earlier work. Foam presents the first museum exhibition of his new series, consisting of portraits of remarkable people in their habitat, and still-lifes of their personal belongings.

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Johny Pitts - Afropean: Travels in Black Europe
18 September - 1 November 2020

Press release | July 2020

New Europe, London, from the series Afropean © Johny Pitts, courtesy of the artist.

In Afropean, writer and photographer journalist Johny Pitts (Sheffield, UK) examines the life of black communities, travelling across Europe. In search of the "Afropean" identity he went across the continent travelling from London to Paris, via Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow, Rome, Marseille, Madrid and Lisbon sketching an underexposed story about the continent in words and images. He travelled to Amsterdam to hear from The Black Archives about Hermina and Otto Huiswoud, fighters against colonialism and for black communism. He documented Cova Da Moura, the Cape Verdean Favela on the outskirts of Lisbon with its own underground economy and visited the Clichy Sous Bois district in Paris, where uprisings erupted in 2005 following the deaths of Bouna and Zyed, two boys who died after a chase hidden from the police.

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