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Foam Magazine launches 50th issue 
International photography magazine now available digitally worldwide

Press release | 3 May 2018

Boomoon, Untitled #3886, 2016 © Boomoon, Courtesy of Flowers Gallery London and New York (detail)

Foam is launching the 50th issue of Foam Magazine and will commemorate this important milestone with the release of a digital edition of the latest issue and archive. Furthermore, a limited edition box set of the 50th issue and authorised print (edition of 50) by Nadav Kander will go on sale. The periodical first appeared in 2002, in conjunction with the establishment of Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, serving as an extension of the museum and offering an international platform for all kinds of photography, from historic to contemporary, and from documentary to fashion.

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Foam Talent | London
20 young artists shaping the future of photography 
16 May – 10 June 2018 
Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall

Press release | April 2018

Damien, from the series NGL, 2015 © Namsa Leuba (detail)

For the third time, Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall and Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam proudly present Foam Talent, a touring exhibition that brings together a group of 20 innovative photography talents under the age of 35. This year, 1790 artists working with photography responded to Foam’s annual Talent Call, which has the reputation of representing the latest developments in photography. The final selection of 20 artists has been made on the basis of their innovative and often experimental approaches to the medium.

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Gold and Silver
20 April – 10 June 2018

Press release | April 2018 

Portrait of Daniel J. Butler with Gold and Mining Tools, c. 1850 © Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada/The Origins of Photography/Archive of Modern Conflict (detail)

Gold & Silver offers a contemporary insight into the Gold Rush that captured the United States in the mid-nineteenth century. Two great myths or crazy dreams became reality: filling your pockets with the most precious metal and fixing your image in metal. At the time gold and silver were used in the photographic process. The Foam exhibition Gold and Silver emphasizes this relationship between the gold rush and the early photography.

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Seydou Keïta - Bamako Portraits
6 April – 20 June 2018

Press release | 23 February 2018

Untitled, 1949/51 © Seydou Keïta / SKPEAC / courtesy CAAC – The Pigozzi Collection, Geneva (detail)

Foam is proud to present Bamako Portraits: the first-ever retrospective of the studio photography by Seydou Keïta (c. 1921 – 2001, Mali) in the Netherlands. His oeuvre reflects a portrait of an era that captures Bamako’s transition from a cosmopolitan city in a French colony to the proud capital of independent Mali. Seydou Keïta portrayed his fellow citizens in a way not seen by the outside world before.

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Foam 3h: Tereza Zelenkova - A Snake That Disappeared Through a Hole in the Wall
6 April - 24 June 2018

Press release |20 February 2018

The Unseen, 2015 © Tereza Zelenkova (detail)

According to an old Slavic legend, a snake inhabits people’s homes and brings happiness and prosperity to the household. This ‘snake housekeeper’ was traditionally welcomed with a bowl of milk on the threshold. The story is one of the many folk tales from the Czech Republic which Tereza Zelenkova (1985, Ostrava) seeks to revive. Over the course of two years, the artist accumulated numerous stories that formed the starting point for extensive journeys through the landscape of her childhood.

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Daniëlle van Ark - Artisit's Proof
20 April – 10 June 2018

Press release | 20 February 2018

Lot 458 + Lot 459, 2016, from the series Contemporary Art © Daniëlle van Ark / courtesy De Nederlandsche Bank (detail)

How does a photograph gain – or lose – its value and meaning once it has been made? What are the mechanisms at play? And what is the artist’s role in the process? These are recurrent themes in the work by Daniëlle Van Ark. Her solo exhibition in Foam raises questions about authenticity and the determination of value, especially in photography: the reproducible medium par excellence.

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