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Foam 3h: Gilleam Trapenberg - Unbé t’aweró

Press Release | June 2021     

Koraal Tabak, 2016 © Gilleam Trapenberg, courtesy of the artist.

Foam presents the first museum exhibition of works by Gilleam Trapenberg. This solo exhibition at Foam 3h is the next step in the photographer’s ongoing, long-term quest to consider the representation and imagery of the Caribbean.

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Now You See Me Moria

Press Release | May 2021     

Now You See Me Moria. Photo by Qutaeba

Personal experiences, anger and pain are the basis of a special project in which refugees share photos and stories via Instagram about their daily life in Moria, the largest refugee camp in Europe, located in Greece.

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Foam opens 15th annual Talent Call

Press Release | April 2021     

Image from the series Quarantine Blues © Leonard Surajaya, courtesy of the artist.

Foam is proud to announce the 15th annual Talent Call by Foam Magazine: a search for exceptionally talented photographers between 18 and 40 years, from all across the world. The public call will be open from 20 April until 2 June 2021 for artists to submit their work.

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Foam Talent | Digital
19 November - 2 June 2021

Press Release | November 2020

The rebirth of Red Lotus, from the series Red Lotus, 2019 © Kamonlak Sukchai, courtesy of the artist.

Foam presents Foam Talent Digital, a multi-media platform showcasing artist projects supported by audio, video and effects. Straying away from typical virtual reality or installation views, the exhibition is a fresh adaptation to digital experiences in the museum sector. By breaking away from the mold of physical space in institutional exhibitions, Foam aims to present photography in respect of the digital space: literally with no walls, boundaries or constraints. The exhibition nods to the explorative nature of visiting a museum, yet instead of attempting to recreate it, leads a viewer in a way for them to discover and experience new things: digitally native, intuitively.

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Laia Abril - On Rape: A History of Misogyny, Chapter Two
6 November 2020 - 27 June 2021

Press release | October 2020

Chastity Belt, 2019, On Rape © Courtesy Laia Abril & Galerie Les filles du calvaire.

Spanish artist Laia abril (1986) won the fourteenth edition of the Foam Paul Huf Award this year with her long term project A History of Misogyny. This prize is organised by Foam and annually awarded to a talented young photographer, by an independent, international jury. It consists of a cash prize of €20,000,- and a solo exhibition at Foam. The multidisciplinary artist uses photography, text, video and sound to tell intimate stories that evoke uncomfortable and hidden realities and often deal with inequality between the sexes and oppression of women.

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Foam Talent | Amsterdam 2020
18 December 2020 - 25 August 2021

Press Release | Amsterdam,  November 2020

From the series Maggic Cube, 2019 © Adjie Dieye, courtesy of the artist. 

Although Foam Talent is a symbol of a wide range of genres and uses of photography, this edition is characterized by in-depth identity issues. Where Alba Zari tries to construct a portrait of her unknown biological father through old family photos and computer technology, Luther Konadu's work is a reflection of the photographic portrait itself: through cutting and pasting he investigates the construction of identity. Adji Dieye responds to economically determined stereotypes and traditional roles by reinventing an African tradition of studio portrait photography. Karla Hiraldo Voleau distorts fact and fiction and undermines the male gaze through selfies and intimate portraits of her Latin lovers.

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Foam 3h: Les Adu - I Am 
18 December 2020 - 11 July 2021

Press Release | Amsterdam,  November 2020 

Image from the series I Am, 2020 © Les Adu, courtesy of the artist.

I AM by Les Adu was created in the summer of 2020 reacting to the death of George Floyd in the US, and the viral response against police brutality and oppression of Black people. Moved by the ongoing events, but reluctant to limit his actions solely to the use of virtual hashtags, Adu decided to portray his own emotions. In a black-and-white self-portrait, Adu pictured himself, vulnerable, emotional, strong, looking straight into the camera, telling the world: ‘This is me, a black man, #IAM’.

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Recommended: Olympus Fellowship
Karla Hiraldo Voleau,
Tobias Kruse & Mika Sperling
2 July - 12 September 2021

Press Release | Amsterdam,  10 December 2020

Yusuke Has Nothing to Tell to Anyone VI, from the series I Have Nothing to Tell You, 2019 © Karla Hiraldo Voleau.

Foam Amsterdam, House of Photography/Deichtorhallen Hamburg and Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) present the second edition of the recommended Olympus Fellowship. The winners of the second recommended, Karla Hiraldo Voleau, Tobias Kruse and Mika Sperling will show new work, created during the fellowship, at Foam from 2 July 2021 onwards.

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Shigeru Onishi - The Possibility of Existence
3 September - 5 December 2021

Press Release | Amsterdam,  May 2020

Title Unknown, 1950s © Estate of Shigeru Onishi, care of Tomoharu Onishi, courtesy of MEM, Tokyo.

Foam proudly presents the brilliant but forgotten work from the short photographic career of Shigeru Onishi (1928-1994). Foam is exhibiting a broad selection of vintage prints in combination with some of these ink paintings, which indicate the continuation of his artistry.

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