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Vivian Maier - Works in Color
10 April - 28 June 2020

Press release | January 2020

Chicago, 1978 © Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy Maloof Collection and Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York.

Following the successful exhibition at Foam in 2014 of Vivian Maier - Street Photographer, this coming spring Foam presents the exhibition Vivian Maier - Works in Color. Vivian Maier (New York, 1926-2009) worked as a children’s nanny but took photographs all her life, without anyone in her vicinity ever seeing the results. Her work was only discovered after her death when a box containing negatives was offered to a local auctioneering house and immediately went on to become a worldwide sensation. Maier’s astonishing oeuvre is easily on a par with famous contemporaries.

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On Earth - Imaging, Technology and the Natural World 
20 March - 10 June 2020

Press release | January 2020

Kenzie inside a Melting Glacier, Juneau Icefield Research Program, Alaska, 2016 © Lucas Foglia courtesy of the artist

Technological developments and the rapidly changing climate have altered our relationship to nature. Photography offers a means of observing the world and our effect upon it. But can it also act as a catalyst in adopting new ways of relating to what surrounds us? Following in the footsteps of the iconic landscape photographers of the nineteenth century, a new generation of artists is using contemporary visual technologies to record and to question our relationship to the world. They do so using the same modern technologies that increasingly pervade how we relate to the world: often electronically, and mediated by our digital screens.

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Foam 3h: Sheng-Wen Lo - Extendable Ears 
21 February - 5 April 2020

Press release | January 2020

ARTIS Zoo, the Netherlands, 2019 © Sheng-Wen Lo

For the first Foam 3h of 2020, the floor has been given to the artist Sheng-Wen Lo (Taiwan, 1987). He will present his most recent project Extendable Ears (2019), in which he exposed himself to ultrasound waves for a month. Ultrasound waves exceed the audible human capacity, but can be heard by animals such as cats and dogs. Lo encourages audiences to discuss the relationship between humans and animals, by using 360o photographs, videos and photographic scans of dream diaries he kept during his experience.

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Wright Morris - The Home Place 
24 January - 5 April 2020

Press release | 20 November 2019

Wright Morris, Dresser Drawer, Ed’s Place, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1947 © Estate of Wright Morris

Foam will open 2020 with the first-ever exhibition in the Netherlands of the celebrated American author Wright Morris (1910-1998). As well as being a writer, Morris devoted a short period of his life to photography. In his own distinctive way, he portrayed the poverty and decline that plagued the United States in the 1930s and 40s. He incorporated his photographs in so-called ‘photo-text’ books in which images and writings reinforced each other. Although relatively unknown, and overshadowed by his prize-winning literature, his photographs are on a par with other iconic photographers of the time.

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Eric Gyamfi - Fixing Shadows
13 December 2019 - 11 March 2020

Press release | November 2019

Untitled, from the series Fixing shadows; Julius and I, 2018 © Eric Gyamfi

Eric Gyamfi (1990, Ghana) is the winner of the 13th Foam Paul Huf Award, which is awarded annually by an international jury to talented photographers under the age of 35. Gyamfi uses a wide array of visual techniques to create visual narratives that hover somewhere in between autobiography and fiction. His work comprises collages, texts, audio and photographs developed according to various methods, including cyanotype and silk screen printing. His portraits and diaristic installations are highly personal, yet transcend the artist’s individual experience.

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Adorned - The Fashionable Show
13 December 2019 - 11 March 2020

Press release | 10 October 2019

Untitled, from the series Boys of Hong Kong, 2018 © Alexandra Leese/ courtesy of the artist

The exhibition Adorned – The Fashionable Show presents intriguing and challenging fashion related photography projects created by a new generation of visual artists. They all work with fashion, but most of them are not straightforward fashion photographers. For them, fashion and style are primarily tools to construct or question identities, to empower people and to play with cultures, gender, race and ages.

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Foam announces new Foam Talents

Press release | 20 September 2019

Maggic Cube, 2019 © Adji Dieye

Foam is proud to announce the names of the 20 young artists whose work will feature in the upcoming Foam Magazine #55: Talent, which will be published in December 2019. Successively, in 2020 the Foam Talent Programme with talks, events and a large-scale presentation will travel internationally to New York, London and Berlin.

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