Your Foam

Foam reaches most mbo-students through school programmes visited by groups. Inspired by the exhibitions programme these groups attend tours and workshops with various themes based on the photographers’ work. With Your Foam, It is Foams desire to expand these programmes by searching for a connection with the school subject Burgerschap (Citizenship). Foam will organize a programme where students are challenged to relate to societal matters.

With Your Foam, Foam has a close collaboration with mbo institutions (intermediate vocational education) ROC van Amsterdam and Mediacollege Amsterdam. In this collaboration two lesson series have been developed which connect to the subject Citizenship. Students show their opinions by using image and texts and present themselves. In 2020 students who have participated in the lesson series, can individually attend a follow up project. In this project they get offered an series of masterclasses from Foam and partner CJP about event organisation. In these masterclasses the students work towards an event that takes place at the end of April. Students will individually initiate, organise, coordinate and produce this event. To reach out to as many mbo students as possible, the students will use the national network of CJP’s MBO Card.

Foam Fusion © Lara Struik

Your Foam invests in a sustainable relation with the mbo students. The input of the students who take part in the individual project in 2020 will be used by Foam for new CJP-workshops for MBO Card holders. Next to that, Foam offers a follow-up for the students who created the event by offering a spot in the exclusive Foam Forward team. Foam Forward offers young adolescents the opportunity to participate in meetings, workshops and portfolio reviews throughout the year, on various locations in Amsterdam.

Since 2013 Foam has analysed its programmes for mbo students. Throughout the years Foam sees the number of visitors going up, but to connect on an individual level is more complicated. In addition to the fixed school programmes, Foam reaches out to the mbo student by initiating extra-curricular programmes, where a more sustainable relationship with a specific institution is realized, as Foam Fusion – Strike a pose, Look across the Water! and Foam Forward show. Now, with Your Foam, Foam wants to create a fitting programme where the input of the individual student is essential.

For more information please contact Madieke Hupperets via email or telephone 020-5516505.

Your Foam is being supported by Fonds 21 and Lerak Foundation

Your Foam is developed in close collaboration with ROC van Amsterdam, Mediacollege Amsterdam and CJP.

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, City of Amsterdam, Foam Members, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.