About Look across the water!

In collaboration with Red Hook, Foam organizes a photographic exchange between young people from Amsterdam and Brooklyn, New York.  

During the international educational project Kijk eens over het water! Look across the water!, youngsters (age 15-21) get acquainted with the power of photography and meet peers outside of their own country. Since 2015, the group of youngsters follow a series of workshops containing several photography lessons. Through meeting online and by following the same educational programmes simultaneously, they get to know more about photography and each other. The results of this project will be shown in an exhibition in New York and Amsterdam, containing works of both groups.

Cactus & Milk – Flore Aubert, 15 jaar - Deelnemer aan Kijk eens over het Water! / Look Across the Water! 2019

Brooklyn and Amsterdam both contain city parts and neighbourhoods who take a special place in history and were important developments take place. Amsterdam North and Brooklyn, for instance, are both separated from the city centre by water. The urban development of both places is increasing. Both Amsterdam North and Brooklyn have a history of industry and has been discovered by creative city dwellers. Both are multicultural city parts, but also contain areas where the ‘authentic’ New Yorker or Amsterdammers are still living.

The programme consists of active photography workshops and a festive closing with an exhibition in both locations. The different themes of the workshops focus on current subjects and the direct living environment of young people. This way, they are introduced to the exchange of differences and similarities between the countries. With the help of specific photography assignments, the participants are stimulated to think about themselves, the place they live and the people who play an important role in their life.

Look across the water! 2017 in New York © Foam

By working on the same photography assignment simultaneously, the participants become acquainted with their peers in the neighbourhood of both their own and the other country. Because of this, they discover the differences and similarities of their own culture and the culture of their peers who live somewhere else in the world. Moreover, the participants from Amsterdam can practice their English during the project. The participants stay in contact with each other by sending video messages and by looking at everyone’s photos.

De participants work towards an exhibition on location which has to look professional. In Foam, the presentation opens with a festive opening in the Foam Café. Here, the works of the participants in both countries will be shown.

Since 2015, Foam structurally works together with Red Hook Labs. They presented the group exhibition Foam Talent together with Red hook, with the works of 24 innovative image-makers under the age of 35. It was the first time that Foam brought a selection of works to New York.

If you want more information about this project, you can contact Garance Camping via email garance@foam.org or via phone 020-5516505.

Foam wordt ondersteund door de BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Foam Members, Gemeente Amsterdam, Olympus en de VandenEnde Foundation.