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Free guided tour

There is a free guided tour of the museum, every Thursday at 6.30 pm (in Dutch and English).

The tour focuses on in-depth viewing and discovering photographic elements. There is something new to see during the tour almost every month, due to the large number of changing exhibitions.

The museum guide will meet you at the reception desk, then take you through the various exhibitions in a group of up to 15 people. You discuss the elements of the image and the photographer's choices. In addition, you examine the subject and context of the exhibition.

Developing your own way of looking and thinking is a key focus. The museum teacher tells you about the exhibition, continually asking new questions to constantly stimulate new perspectives. Active participation, thorough viewing and a distinct viewpoint are the key elements of this participatory tour.

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There is a also a free guided tour in Dutch Sign Language every first Thursday of the month at 7.00 p.m. Click here for more information.

Thursday dinner
Combine the tour in Foam with our delicious Thursday dinner and a drink for only €19,50 (admission plus tour included). Foam Cafe offers a weekly changing special with organic produce fresh from the market. Of course there are also vegetarian options.

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The 4th of December

The 11th of December

The 18th of December - No tour due to opening Araki



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Including dinner at Foam Cafe
Combine the tour in Foam with our delicious Thursday dinner for only €19,50 (admission plus tour included).