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Primrose - Russian Colour Photography

25 January - 3 April 2013

The title of the exhibition refers to the primrose flower, used metaphorically here to represent the many colours in which it appears during early spring. Primrose, Russian Colour Photography presents a retrospective of the various attempts in Russia to produce coloured photographic images. This process began in the early 1850s, almost simultaneously with the discovery of the new medium itself. The colouring technique, based on the traditional methods of craftsmen who added colour into a certain contour design, has determined a whole independent trend in the history of photography in Russia, from 'postcard' landscapes and portraits to Soviet propaganda and reportage photography.

Primrose - Russian Colour Photography can be viewed as a journey through various techniques and genres, meanings and messages, mass practices and individual experiments. The exhibition contains works by renowned photographers and artists such as Ivan Shagin, Dmitry Baltermants, Sergey Prokudin-Gorski, Alexander Rodchenko, Vladislav Mikosha and Boris Mikhailov.

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