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Foam Magazine

Issue #8 / Sidewalk

Street photography is possibly one of the most important genres in the history of photography. Photography makes it possible to record in a split second - faster than the eye can perceive - events which can then be reproduced for subsequent viewing, assessment and interpretation at leisure. As such, photography has radically and irreversibly changed our awareness of the world and of ourselves. Street photography played a vital role in this and continues to do so. In the street, with its milling crowds, ever-changing décor and so many things happening at the same time, the possibility of freezing the image is an immensely rich visual source. This issue of Foam Magazine explores the continuation of this tradition in contemporary photography.

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Tom Wood

Raymond Depardon

Trent Parke

Gus Powell

Morad Bouchakour

Nobuyoshi Araki & Daido Moriyama