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Foam Magazine

Issue #29 / What's Next?

What's Next? A simple and difficult question at once, but a truly fascinating one. It's the question that Foam has asked during the past year in an effort to find visionary answers for the future of photography. This special issue of Foam Magazine embraces very different responses that curate the future in their own, unique way.

In recent years the digitalization of the medium brought about undamental changes that have redetermined our entire visual culture, changing utterly what we consider to be a photo, the way a photographer organizes his or her professional practice, how photo editors work and how countless amateurs make, distribute and share photos.

For this special issue #29 What's Next? we have freed ourselves from the familiar format of Foam Magazine. This time, thus, there is no theme uniting eight extensive picture portfolios presented with accompanying texts. This issue is different and exceptional in many ways. It exists of six different chapters, entitled Independent, From Here On(line), Curating The Space, Magazines, Next Generation & Technology, which bundle interviews, in-depth essays, statements and manifestos.

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