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Foam Magazine

  • image Issue #39 / Talent

    The 2014 Talent Issue features the works of 21 outstanding photographers, selected from submissions from 71 different countries.

    New Positions in American Photography.
    Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography. - See more at:
    Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography. - See more at:
  • image Issue #38 / Under Construction

    A selection of nine young visual artists for whom the creative process can be as much subject of an image as its final result.

    New Positions in American Photography.
    Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography. - See more at:
    Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography. - See more at:
  • image Issue #37 / William Klein

    This issue is different from the norm in that it is devoted to one man: William Klein, a visionary, and a pioneer.

  • Foam Magazine Talent issue #36, 2013 / Winter Storm in Zion Canyon, Zion, Utah, 2013 from the series Wonderful Land © David Benjamin Sherry / courtesy Salon 94, New York Issue #36 / Talent

    This year's Talent issue demonstrates the unconstrained creativity that pervades recent work by today's photographers.

  • image Issue #35 / Lust

    An issue about overwhelming desire, intense eagerness, limitless hedonism and craving for pleasure. In one word: lust!

  • image Issue #34 / Dummy

    The Spring issue of Foam Magazine is not really a magazine. It's a folder, a box filled with eight little volumes.

  • Foam Magazine issue #33 / Trip Issue #33 / Trip

    Foam Magazine issue #33 / Trip is all about travel, about the sense of being in transit.

  • Foam Magazine Talent issue #32, 2012 / Oranges, 2012 © Sam Falls / courtesy of American Contemporary, International Art Objects, and MB Gallery Issue #32 / Talent

    We highlight the work of sixteen promising young photographers selected as part of Foam Magazine's 2012 Talent Call.

  • image Issue #31 / ref.

    The Summer issue of Foam Magazine reflects deeply on relationships between photography and reference.

  • image Issue #30 / Micro

    This spring issue of Foam Magazine zooms in on new small universes, entitled Micro.

  • image Issue #29 / What's Next?

    In this Winter issue from Foam Magazine we explore the future of photography, entitled What's Next?

  • Foam Magazine Talent issue #28, 2011/ Blue Paper, 2010 from the series In A World Without Words… © Ina Jang Issue #28 / Talent

    In this issue of Foam Magazine, we highlighted young talent.

  • image Issue #27 / Report

    In this issue of Foam Magazine, we go on an investigative journey into photojournalism.

  • image Issue #26 / Happy

    This issue explores happiness and its relationship with photography.

  • Foam Magazine #25 Traces Issue #25 / Traces

    What role photography plays in the way we relate to the past.

  • Foam Magazine Talent issue #24, 2010 / From the series An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds  © Luke Stephenson Issue #24 / Talent

    To what extent does a photograph add something to that which already exists.

  • Foam Magazine #23 City Life Issue #23 / City Life

    What characterizes city life in the early years of the new century?

  • Foam Magazine #22 Peeping Issue #22 / Peeping

    Secretly watching a subject that is not really supposed to be seen.

  • Foam Magazine #21 Merge Issue #21 / Merge

    A focus on the fusions of photography with other media and art forms.

  • Foam Magazine Talent issue #20, 2009 / Becoming Blue #11, 2006-2008 © Anouk Kruithof Issue #20 / Talent

    The result of our call to young, talented photographers to send us their work.

  • Foam Magazine #19 Wonder Issue #19 / Wonder

    Images that make us experience reality just a little differently than usual.

  • Foam Magazine #18 Displaced Issue #18 / Displaced

    Five photographers who are attempting to relate to the theme 'Displaced'.

  • Foam Magazine #17 Portrait? Issue #17 / Portrait?

    Photographic work giving a new direction to the classic portrait.

  • Foam Magazine #16 Talent Issue #16 / Talent

    Works of unique quality and importance for the future development of photography.

  • Foam Magazine #15 Construct Issue #15 / Construct

    Work that shows an alternate reality that has been constructed by the artists.

  • Foam Magazine #14 Meanwhile Issue #14 / Meanwhile

    Six portfolios with work that is specifically timeless and subdued.

  • Foam Magazine #13 Searching Issue #13 / Searching

    Six artists whose work many people can instantly call to mind.

  • Foam Magazine #12 Talent Issue #12 / Talent

    'Talent' is devoted entirely to the 2007 KLM Paul Huf Award.

  • Foam Magazine #11 Young Issue #11 / Young

    Youngsters feature as the subject of photographic series and projects.

  • Foam Magazine #10 Stories Issue #10 / Stories

    Work in which the photographer deliberately intends to put a story across.

  • Foam Magazine #9 Eden Issue #09 / Eden

    Creating heaven on earth is an unattainable ideal.

  • Foam Magazine #8 Sidewalk Issue #08 / Sidewalk

    The possibility of freezing the image is an immensely rich visual source.

  • Foam Magazine #7 Self Issue #07 / Self

    Work by artists who explicitly delve into the inner self.

  • Foam Magazine #6 Sport Issue #06 / Sport

    Sport furnishes us with myths, heroes and villain.

  • Foam Magazine #5 Near Issue #05 / Near

    How complex is the actual relationship between physical and emotional nearness?

  • Foam Magazine #4 Set Up Issue #04 / Set Up

    Reality and fiction, original and copy are barely distinguishable

  • Foam Magazine #3 Access Issue #03 / Access

    Access, a concept that is wide open to interpretation.

  • Foam Magazine #2 Regie Paul Huf Issue #02 / In the Vondelpark / Directed by Paul Huf

    In het Vondelpark / regie Paul Huf

  • Foam Magazine #1 Dutch Delight Issue #01 / Dutch Delight

    Photos in which the 'Dutch light' plays an important role in various ways

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