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Foam Editions

Sanne Peper

Like film stills
Foam Editions represents a selection of seven of Peper's independent works. She describes how her own, personal philosophy influences her trademark visual aesthetic: 'I believe there's no such thing as truth and that everything we know is just our subjective imagination of what perhaps occurred in some place and time. Everything we think we know about the past, we have learned from physical remnants and artefacts, but especially also from personally coloured testimonies in text or images, whether moving or static. In both their content and form, my photos allude to those images. They are reminiscent of film stills; they seem to be a slice from a larger whole, both visually and in time, as if something happened in the past or is about to happen. They are intermediate images.'

Foam Editions
Foam Editions made a selection of eight autonomous works of Sanne Peper. Every print is in edition of ten and is available from € 840.