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Untitled, 2013 © Rob Philip

Photography as lubricant

April 24, 2013  by Robert Philip

Rob Philip elaborates on the presentation of photographs in a new context referring to the display of Olaf's pictures at the Design Fair in Milan.

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Ron pursuing Jackie down Madison Avenue, New York, 1971 © Ron Galella / Wireimage

Street & Studio

April 17, 2013  by Bareman, Karin

Karin Bareman relates the famous image of Galella chasing Jackie Kennedy Onassis to a fashion commercial to define what street photography is.

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01 from the series 'Watchtowers' © Taysir Batniji

All along the watch tower

April 09, 2013  by Bareman, Karin

Karin Bareman looks at Batniji's Watchtowers and places it in context of work by Bernd and Hilla Becher and Donovan Wylie.

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 Untitled from Hewitt’s Heap, 2011 © Steffi Klenz

Convulsive Walls

April 03, 2013  by Teichmann, Esther

Esther Teichmann elaborates on reality, imagination and desires in photography by referring to work of artist and curator Steffi Klenz.

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Danæ and the Shower of Gold © George Platt Lynes

The same...

March 20, 2013  by Robert Philip

Rob Philip reflects on orginality in photography by referring to the image "Chiako" by Lieko Shiga and George Platt Lynes's picture "Danæ and the Shower of Gold".

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