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Drape I © Eva Stenram

Eva Stenram’s ‘Drape’ and Performing the Fetish

July 31, 2012  by Bohr, Marco

Eva Stenram's new series 'Drape' is collection of vintage pin-up photographs manipulated and re-printed by the artist.

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Soldier © Petros Efstathiadis

On Being Greek

May 09, 2012  by Kurtis, Seba

Petros Efstathiadis and I met through our shared experiences with the POC project a few years ago.

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9a: Scheibe, ,2011 (C) Sara-Lena Maierhofer


January 12, 2012  by Olof, Colette

I am obsessed with crooks. One of my favourite websites is the Top Ten Famous Con Men. And the film, Catch Me if You Can.

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