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K.A.-A.N.-96 © Dirk Braeckman

Who's Afraid of Black, White and Grey?

February 25, 2013  by Hidde Bakker, Taco

After attending the evening, Foam Meets Dirk Braeckman, Taco Hidde Bakker elaborates on Braeckman's approach to photography.

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Photobook storage © Foam

An Assistant Curator's Life

February 08, 2013  by Bareman, Karin

Karin Bareman gives us an inside view of the day to day life of working in the exhibitions department at Foam.

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In the House of My Father © Donald Rodney

A Brave Attempt

February 01, 2013  by Bareman, Karin

Karin Bareman reviews the exhibition, Focal Points: Art and Photography, currently on at the Manchester Art Gallery.

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Untitled © Art at the Warehouse

Art at The Warehouse

January 28, 2013  by Crawford, Jonathan

Foam Editions is appearing at Art at the Warehouse, an art fair, exhibition and multidisciplinary music, performance and arts festival.

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Le portrait officiel de François Hollande, 24e président de la République, a été réalisé par Raymond Depardon, mardi 29 mai, dans les jardins de l'Elysée © Le documentation française / Magnum photos

Trends in Portraiture

January 17, 2013  by Robert Philip

After judging the Zilveren awards, Rob Philip identifies some clear trends in contemporary portrait photography.

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