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It’s Because You Have Red Hair


June 17, 2013  by Robert Philip

Rob Philip reviews the show of the graduate photography students of Nottingham Trent University, on show at Free Range in London from 20th - 24th June.

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Graham Wallas c1920s © British Library of Political and Economic Science

The Creative Process

February 12, 2013  by Robert Philip

Rob Philip gives us an insight into the creative process, implementing the model by Graham Wallas in his own research.

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Murmur Study © Christopher Baker

Everything Has Been Done Before

December 11, 2012  by Baden, Evan

"Everything has been done before." It is a quote, that if you are attending art school somewhere you will no doubt have heard at one time or another.

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Robert Philip

The Difference

December 10, 2012  by Robert Philip

Rob Philip shares his impression of the photography course taught at the Utrecht School of the Arts compared with that at the University of Applied Sciences.

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Robert Philip

Open Door Day

November 20, 2012  by Robert Philip

Rob Philip wonders how, or even if, to manage expectations of hopeful pre-students at college open days.

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