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Ariella Azoulay’s appropriated photograph of the Palestinian town of Kufr Bir’im, loaned to her by second generation refugeee Nahida Zahra

Watching over Palestine

February 18, 2013  by Clarke, Chris

Chris Clarke uses Ariella Azoulay to explain how aerial photography in the Middle East distances combatants from the effects of military action.

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Lezing WassinkLundgren 01, 2013 © Foam

Artist talk WassinkLundgren

February 07, 2013  by van Vianen, Margriet

Margriet van Vianen reports on the artist talk with photographer duo WassinkLundgren, held at Foam on Wednesday 30 January.

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Hi from Tahir Square, Instagram © Laura El-Tantawy

Hi from Tahir Square

January 28, 2013  by Medde, Elisa

Elisa Medde considers an image from Foam Talent Laura El-Tantawy's instagram account.

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Hungry, thirsty children hunt for precious water supplies on the edge of Aleppo, 2012 © Don McCullin

In The Dark

January 15, 2013  by Clarke, Chris

Chris Clarke reviews a Sky Arts Masterclass interview with Don McCullin, where he discusses the ethical intent of images and the era of citizen journalism.

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Segbroek College 1 Den Haag, 2005 © Raimond Wouda

From the Archive - School

January 04, 2013  by Crawford, Jonathan

In her hit, The Greatest Love of All, Whitney Houston sang, 'I believe that children are our future'.

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