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‘This dog, I saw it on a bike with his owner. I really wanted to photograph this dog, but the owner wanted to have sex with me. So I had to make a thousand nude pictures, before I could make this one picture of the dog.’, 2012 © Jan Hoek courtesy Galerie Ron Mandos

Jan Hoek - Me & My Models

January 23, 2013  by Crawford, Jonathan

Laura Koenen, from the Department of Man and Communication at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, has made this trailer for the Foam 3h show, Jan Hoek - Me & My Models.

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Woman with Pearls, 1967 © Vivian Maier

The City As Playground

January 21, 2013  by Bareman, Karin

Karin Bareman shares her thoughts on the works of photographer Vivian Maier and artist Ai Weiwei who both portrayed urban America.

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Bill Henson, from Lux et Nox, 2002

On Drowning and Burning: Photography and Swimming

January 10, 2013  by Teichmann, Esther

"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." (Isak Dinesen)

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Doug Aitken: The Source - Stephen Shore

January 09, 2013  by Crawford, Jonathan

Doug Aitken talks to photographer Stephen Shore about his work, his methods and his time spent as a young photographer at The Factory in New York with Andy Warhol.

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Chicago © Ray Metzker

Metzker’s Composites

January 07, 2013  by Engman, Chris

Between 1964 and 1968, Ray Metzker made a group of extraordinary composited images.

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