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Gifts, Greetings and Books (of the year)

December 21, 2012  by Schles, Ken

Ken Schles wraps up 2012 with an overview of his book publishing projects.

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Unconscious Places - Thomas Struth

Tosja's Top 5

December 17, 2012  by Coronel, Tosja

Our Foam librarian and knower of all things bookish shares her top five photobooks of this year.

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Untitled © Joan Colom

From The Archive - El Raval

December 14, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

Barcelona fans around the world have been enjoying the fact that they own the world's greatest footballer, Lionel Messi.

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Canadian Art Photography and the Canadian Imagination, Penny Cousineau-Levine

No Canada

December 13, 2012  by Clarke, Chris

Chris Clarke looks at the notion of Canadian photography after rediscovering 'Faking Death' in a Belfast bookshop.

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Murmur Study © Christopher Baker

Everything Has Been Done Before

December 11, 2012  by Baden, Evan

"Everything has been done before." It is a quote, that if you are attending art school somewhere you will no doubt have heard at one time or another.

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  • Laurel Ptak
  • Installation shot "Past in the Present" at Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam © Gert Jan Kocken
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  • Karin Bareman © Adi Talwar
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