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Unseen Book 2012 © Unseen

Unseen Book 2012

September 26, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

The Unseen Book 2012, giving an overview of the work presented at the Unseen Photo Fair, is now on sale in the webshop.

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A Collector's First Purchase - Monica and Geoff Dawes

September 25, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

Unseen has been asking first-time photography collectors about their first purchase. Here, Monica and Geoff Dawes explain how they got started.

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Ikebana City/ New York, 2011 © Lotte Geeven & Semâ Bekirovic

Alumni of the Rijksakademie - RE- Search Ikebana City

September 21, 2012  by Knoppers, Kim

Kim Knoppers talks to Semâ Bekirovich and Lotte Geeven about their project, Ikebana City.

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Video still, Water Circles, Krasnoyarsk © Paulien Oltheten

Alumni of the Rijksakademie - Paulien Oltheten

September 18, 2012  by Knoppers, Kim

Kim Knoppers interviewed each of the participating artists in the exhibition, Alumni of the Rijksakademie. Here, Paulien Oltheten talks about her work in the show.

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The Shelf © Alberto Feretto

The Shelf

September 17, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

The Shelf is one of the products designed for Foam by research lab Fabrica for their series, Still Lights.

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  • Laurel Ptak
  • Installation shot "Past in the Present" at Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam © Gert Jan Kocken
  • Jörg Colberg
  • David Campbell
  • Özge Ersoy
  • Zach Wise
  • Cobra TV
  • Karin Bareman © Adi Talwar
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