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Drape I © Eva Stenram

Eva Stenram’s ‘Drape’ and Performing the Fetish

July 31, 2012  by Bohr, Marco

Eva Stenram's new series 'Drape' is collection of vintage pin-up photographs manipulated and re-printed by the artist.

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Light Drawer, Mariana Fernandes © Alberto Ferretto

Light Drawer

July 30, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

We all know what the purpose of a drawer is. To put stuff away, right? Underpants, socks, cutlery, tape measure, bags for your pedal bin, bits, bobs.

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Role Model © Evan Baden

Breaking The Format

July 24, 2012  by Baden, Evan

I have been working with a 4x5 camera for the past 6 years or so. It has been my chosen method of image making. But lately, it has begun to bore me.

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Time Stands Still © Alberto Ferretto

Time Stands Still

July 23, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

Time Stands Still is one of the products designed for Foam by research lab Fabrica for their series, Still Lights.

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Installation, Still Lights at &Foam © Alberto Ferretto

Fabrica at &Foam

July 19, 2012  by Crawford, Jonathan

Fabrica students have created seven products based on the theme of photography as part of our concept store, &Foam's, design theme.

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