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Foam 3h: Foam X African Artists’ Foundation
Osborne Macharia - Muchiri Njenga - Kadara Enyeasi
19 May – 27 August 2017

Press release | April 2017

Macicio, 2015 © Osborne Macharia

Foam welcomes the African Artists’ Foundation for a collaborative presentation of young African talent at Foam 3h.

The African Artists’ Foundation (AAF) is a non-profit organisation based in Nigeria, dedicated to the promotion and development of contemporary African art. Together, Foam and the AAF present the work of three young photographers from Kenya and Nigeria: M┼ęchiri Njenga (1985), Osborne Macharia (1986) and Kadara Enyeasi (1994). Their works present fantastical worlds in which past, present, future, fact and fiction converge. Their stylized versions of reality render ambiguous what it is we are looking at: utopia, dystopia or real life?

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Foam Talent | London
24 young artists shaping the future of photography
18 May - 18 June 2017
Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall

Press release | April 2017 

Vogue Italia 2015 from the series Pieces of Me © Louise Parker 

Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall in London proudly present Foam Talent, a group exhibition bringing together innovative image makers under the age of 35. This year twenty four young photographers will tour internationally – and it is the second time that Foam brings its selection of Foam Talents to London. The opening of the exhibition will coincide with Photo London.

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Gordon Parks
I Am You. Selected works 1942 - 1978
16 June – 6 September 2017

Press release | 20 April 2017 

Department Store, Mobile, Alabama, 1956 © Photograph by Gordon Parks. Courtesy of and copyright The Gordon Parks Foundation

The camera can be a powerful weapon against repression, racism, violence and inequality. The American photographer Gordon Parks (1912-2006) referred to the camera as his “weapon of choice” and used photography to expose the deep divisions in American society. Parks was an important champion of equal rights for Afro-Americans and in his work addressed themes such as poverty, marginalisation and injustice.

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Adam Jepessen - Out of Camp
16 June – 27 August 2017

Press Release | 6 April 2017

AR Chalten II, 2014 © Adam Jeppesen / Courtesy of the Carlsberg Foundation

Out Of Camp is Adam Jeppesen’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. The series presented, Jeppesen’s five recent series, are the result of a solitary 487-day journey from the North Pole to Antarctica. The images of remote, rugged landscapes are suffused with a sense of tranquillity, reflection and contemplation. 

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Foam Magazine #47: Propaganda

Press release | 4 April 2017

© Christopher Anderson

Foam Magazine #47: Propaganda, is now available. Propaganda, the manipulation of political opinion by means of carefully selected information or disinformation, is common to all eras. But rarely was the playing field so ambiguous and the players so hard to identify. Now more than ever, therefore, we regard it as of the greatest importance to devote an issue of Foam Magazine to ‘Propaganda.’

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Collectivism. Collectives and their quest for value
21 April – 18 June 2017

Press Release | 31 March 2017

From 21 April until 18 June Foam presents Collectivism. Collectives and their quest for value, an exhibition about how artist collectives come together to attach value and meaning to images. The exhibition presents seven collectives that concern themselves with the value of images in the media and the organisation of dissenting voices to challenge the mainstream media.

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William Eggleston - Los Alamos
17 March – 7 June 2017

Press Release | 20 December 2016

William Eggleston, Memphis, ca. 1965 - 1968, from the series Los Alamos, 1965–1974 © Eggleston Artistic Trust 2004 / Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London

In the exhibition William Eggleston – Los Alamos, Foam displays 75 photographs that were taken on various road trips through the southern states of America between 1966 and 1974. The exhibition includes a number of iconic images, including Eggleston’s first colour photograph.

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Foam Paul Huf Award winner 2016: 
Daisuke Yokota - Matter 
17 March – 4 June 2017

Press release | 19 December 2016

Installation view from Aichi Triennale, 2016 © Daisuke Yokota / Courtesy of artist and G/P Gallery

In the exhibition Matter, Foam presents new three-dimensional work by Daisuke Yokota (Saitama, b. 1983). Three installations revolve around the tactile aspects of photography, in which the outcome of the artwork is not determined by the camera, but by experiments with the material forms of the medium.

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Foam 3h: Foam X Hydra
Diego Moreno and Nelson Morales
17 March – 14 May 2017

Press release | 2 March 2017

Azucena, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México, from the series Guardians of memory, 2014 © Diego Moreno

Foam welcomes Hydra, a young photography platform based in Mexico City, for a collaborative presentation of young talent from Mexico in Foam 3h. Foam X Hydra present the work of two young talents in Mexican photography: Nelson Morales (1982) and Diego Moreno (1992).

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