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Foam 3h: Foam X NEU NOW 
Robert Glas – Before the Law 
21 July – 10 September 2017

Press release | 16 June 2017 

Jurisdiction A Hundred Years Before the Law (Film Still), 2015 © Robert Glas

In collaboration with NEU NOW Foam presents the work of Dutch photographer Robert Glas (NL, 1986) in the exhibition Before the Law. His projects scrutinise legislative processes around immigration and personal identification. His practice is an ongoing investigation into the technologies used by nation-states to monitor the movement of people across territories.

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Gordon Parks
I Am You. Selected works 1942 - 1978
16 June – 6 September 2017

Press release | 20 April 2017 

Untitled, Watts, California, 1967 © Gordon Parks / Courtesy of  The Gordon Parks Foundation (detail) 

The camera can be a powerful weapon against repression, racism, violence and inequality. The American photographer Gordon Parks (1912-2006) referred to the camera as his “weapon of choice” and used photography to expose the deep divisions in American society. Parks was an important champion of equal rights for Afro-Americans and in his work addressed themes such as poverty, marginalisation and injustice.

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Adam Jepessen - Out of Camp
16 June – 27 August 2017

Press Release | 6 April 2017

AR Chalten II, 2014 © Adam Jeppesen / Courtesy of the Carlsberg Foundation

Out Of Camp is Adam Jeppesen’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. The series presented, Jeppesen’s five recent series, are the result of a solitary 487-day journey from the North Pole to Antarctica. The images of remote, rugged landscapes are suffused with a sense of tranquillity, reflection and contemplation. 

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Roger Ballen & Asger Carlsen
No Joke
23 June – 27 August 2017

Press release | May 2017

Trampled, 2016 © Roger Ballen & Asger Carlsen

In the collaborative project titled No Joke, artists Roger Ballen (1950, VS) and Asger Carlsen (1973, DK) explore the more sinister sides of the human psyche. Together the duo produced 37 images, without ever working in the same studio at the same time: their creative exchange and co-creation has been a purely online affair. Their menacing work evokes a sense of anxiety and longing that is usually experienced only in dreams.

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Foam launches new grant
Florentine Riem Vis Grant: first recipient is Stefanie Moshammer

Press release | May 2017

Alessandro, from the series Land of Black Milk, 2016 © Stefanie Moshammer

Starting this year, Foam will award a grant in memory of Florentine Riem Vis. The grant consists of a sum of € 10,000 and is made available each year for the development and coaching of a talented photographer.

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Foam Magazine #47: Propaganda

Press release | 4 April 2017

© Christopher Anderson

Foam Magazine #47: Propaganda, is now available. Propaganda, the manipulation of political opinion by means of carefully selected information or disinformation, is common to all eras. But rarely was the playing field so ambiguous and the players so hard to identify. Now more than ever, therefore, we regard it as of the greatest importance to devote an issue of Foam Magazine to ‘Propaganda.’

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