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Magnum. Contact Sheets
11 September - 9 December 2015

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara. Havana, Cuba, 1963 © Rene Burri / Magnum Photos

Magnum. Contact Sheets shows the magic surrounding the all-encompassing ‘decisive moment’ and how iconic images come to exist. This exhibition offers insight into the working methods of the world’s most famed journalistic photographers, by looking at their original contact sheets.

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Foam Paul Huf Award: 
Momo Okabe - Bible and Dildo 

Untitled, from the series Bible © Momo Okabe

Foam proudly presents Bible and Dildo, an exhibition of the work of Momo Okabe (Tokyo, 1981). Okabe was chosen by an international jury as the winner of the Foam Paul Huf Award 2015.

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Foam Talent Call 2015: Selected photographers

Every year Foam Magazine organises the Talent Call to identify young and international talents under the age of 35. Foam Magazine is proud to present the names of the Foam Talents 2015.

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Foam 3h: Sjoerd Knibbeler - Digging Up Clouds | 26 June – 23 August 2015

The work of Sjoerd Knibbeler (1981) focuses on visualising invisible natural phenomena such as the wind, air movement and climatological conditions. Knibbeler creates a world that follows his own logic, where associative relationships and imagination play a key part.

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Katy Grannan - The Nine and The Ninety Nine | 26 June – 23 August 2015

Foam proudly presents The Nine and The Ninety Nine, an exhibition of the American photographer Katy Grannan (1969, USA), comprising her two newest series which are shown here for the first time outside the United States.

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