Foam Fund: hold a share in Foam's success. Foam Fund is a dynamic and enterprising group of private individuals and businesses that make the museum's talent development and education projects possible.

By taking a share* in Foam's success, you will support an enterprising museum and become part of an involved group of people. In return for their investment, Foam 'shareholders' also receive unique 'returns-on-investment' prints from photographers from the talent programme.

Foam Fund is for anyone who appreciates Foam's discerning focus and wants to contribute. Participating in Foam Fund is essentially a gift, and to show our appreciation, you will receive 'shares in Foam's successes'. A share costs at least €3000 and comes with a commitment of two or three years. Private individuals can benefit from the geefwet (gift law), which grants them the fiscally advantageous option to make an annual donation of €1750 over a period of six years.
Calculate the amount of your tax benefits if you make a gift to Foam.

What do you receive as a shareholder?

We thank you for your support and welcome you in the world of Foam with:

  • 2 Foam Fund cards granting unlimited free admission to the museum for 2 persons (4 persons total).
  • Free access to ten renowned photography museums abroad.
  • An annual photo print in very limited edition by one of the young talents that have exhibited their work in Foam.
  • Exclusive Foam Fund events (by invitation only), such as private viewings, visits to photographers' studios and (foreign) photography institutions, lectures, and the annual Foam Fund shareholders meeting.
  • Invitations to a selection of gatherings such as the Foam collectors club.
  • Discount to a membership to the Foam collecting club.
  • A Foam Magazine subscription.
  • Exclusive Foam Fund discounts to, among other things, Foam Editions and the use of spaces in Foam.

* Wherever this text mentions investment, issuance, shares, shareholders or shareholder meetings, this is not meant in the legal sense. Foam Fund deals exclusively in making donations.

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